Gyrokinesis Acupuncture Sound Bath

Seattle Changing Room, 2110 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA

Gyrokinesis class and Acupuncture by Paige Barnes - Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl Sound Bath by Maria Scherer Wilson: The Element of Spring is Wood

Sunday, May 6: 2:00-4:30pm, $85

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Come nourish your liver as we transition into the Spring season. In Chinese medicine, the spring season is represented by the element of wood, associated with the liver and gallbladder organ systems. In addition to the function of the organ and it's channel, there is an psychological expression as well. The liver's associated psyche is named the Hun, which can be described as an ethereal spirit. The Hun's nature is to provide inspiration and intuition, giving the mind capacity of self-insight and introspection as well as the ability to project outwards towards vision and purpose. The spring amplifies the essence of the Hun. It asks you to connect to your intuition and inspiration, to create your dreams through imagination, planning and collaboration.

Gyrokinesis class and Acupuncture by Paige Barnes

Gyrokinesis is a slow, fluid, exercise practice based on the natural expression of the spine. By gently working the joints and muscles through circular and rhythmic movements with corresponding breathing patterns, the exercises stimulate and calm the body's nervous system, promote circulation and opening new neuromuscular connections.

Following the class Paige will provide a group acupuncture experience to integrate flow and imagination internally through acupuncture. Yoga mats, bolsters, pillows and blankets will be provided. Paige will listen to your pulse and choose 3 to 5 acupuncture points (maximum 5 needles).

Sound Bath by Maria Scherer Wilson

The acupuncture session will be immersed in a sound bath. Using crystal alchemy Singing Bowls around the body Maria will generate sonic vibrations to relax and ground the energetic body. The vibrations promote a flow between alpha, theta and delta brain waves promoting states associated with vivid imagery, intuition, creativity and deep restorative sleep.

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