a mountain's pulse

Inscape Arts & Cultural Center, 815 Seattle Blvd S, Seattle, WA 98134

A free, site specific performance installation created by Paige Barnes and Mya Kerner at Inscape, can be viewed in the basement during their Fall Open Studios & Makers Market between 12-6pm. Maria will be joining the ongoing dance performance with her cello and crystal alchemy singing bowls.

This summer Paige Barnes, dancer and owner of Peony Acupuncture, was in residence at 10 degrees with visual artist Mya Kerner. Together they explored a place where dance, energetic medicine, and sculpture meet through a mountain’s pulse. The project continues Paige's dance research based off the acupuncture pulse listening method and Mya’s exploration of materiality, tradition, and mythology through depictions of the landscape. By researching the environmental landscape and the personal, internal landscape, the project illuminates connection between body and earth, linking the story of a person's pulse with that of a mountain.

Visit inscapearts.org for more information about the space.