Elevate Your Vibes : Qi 101, Sound Bath, Aura Portraits

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Create Within, 3131 Western Ave Suite 323, Seattle, WA 98121

Come reset and refresh with us for an evening workshop on all things high vibrations!

We'll be diving into energy in the form of Qi (chi), sound, and auras and give you tools on how to harness it to work for you.

The night will begin with:

Qi 101 with Dr. Grace Chang: What is Qi and how it manifests in health (mood, sleep, hormones etc.) And what things you can do daily to optimize your health + wellness.

Musician and sound therapist, Maria Scherer Wilson, will discuss Sound therapy and how certain thoughts and vibrations can take you to another level. We will finish the evening with a sound bath session.

Once your entire body is in zen mode, get your aura portrait taken by photographer Alex Lee, using AURA AURA's biofeedback camera. The colors that radiate from you post-sound bath will be extraordinary! This can be purchased for an additional $45 day-of.

Kombucha + tea, brought to you by local business, Shen Zen Tea.