Private & Group Music Lessons

Playing an instrument helps integrate a student's Body, Mind and Heart,

through music, intention and movement.


As your teacher, I will help you develop a balanced way of thinking about practice and performance, and how to create and maintain a healthy relationship between you and your instrument.

Whether you're a seasoned performer, just coming back to your instrument after many years, or an absolute beginner, I can help you express yourself through your instrument. 

I have fifteen years experience teaching string students of all ages. The last four years I've focused on sound as a healing medium, and I am ready again to share my love of music with students again, privately and in groups.

In this age of COVID-19, we will take precautions to be as safe as possible together. Lessons will be on my back deck, overlooking a beautiful garden, under a pop-up tent, giving us plenty of space and fresh air. Wear your mask. 

In the case of unsuitable weather, we will be inside my home studio. Three people can comfortably practice social distance inside the studio.

  Try out an Introductory lesson with me and see if we're a good fit!

I look forward to working with you!

 ~ Maria


Read about my Philosophy of Teaching



Who do I teach?


Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Cellists - All Ages

Beginning & Intermediate Violinists - All Ages

Group of Two Cellists or One Cellist & One Violinist (create a group with your friend!) - All Levels & Ages

Musicians that experience physical, emotional and/or mental challenges when they play - All Levels & Any Instrument

String students needing another set of ears on audition material - All Levels & Ages (Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass)



How do I schedule a first lesson?


I have an online scheduler. Please sign up for an Introductory lesson. The cost is $40 for a 45 minute private or group lesson.

You can schedule online up to 24 hours in advance, but if you need to reschedule/cancel, 48 hours notice is required. Not only does this keep you accountable, this will give time to others to reserve your open spot.

There is forgiveness for last minute sickness at this time of Covid. When you sign up for a lesson, the details are in the Terms & Agreement.  

After your Introductory lesson, I will provide a private link to schedule future lessons.



How do I pay for the Introductory private or group lesson?


Your first lesson is paid online with a credit card.

All new students and groups please sign up for an Introductory Lesson.

If you're interested in Group Lessons, assign one person to be group leader when signing up for your Introductory Lesson.

You will communicate with each other about scheduling and payment. 



How do I schedule and pay for lessons after we've met and had the Introductory Lesson?


I will send you a Private Link to schedule lessons.

Make an online profile (if you hadn't already), sign in to schedule, cancel and/or reschedule lessons.

Add you credit card information, and either pay with your credit card, or push the Pay Later button.

Lessons are $5 less if you pay by check, cash or Venmo the day of your lesson.

If you're planning on taking lessons regularly, please choose a slot for the weeks available, and if you can, please pay monthly.

If you forget payment day of, I will issue payment through your saved credit card information. Easy!

* I will not authorize a credit card payment unless you forgot a payment method the day of your lesson. *


Payment Examples - Paid before or day of Lesson - (applies to lessons after the Introductory Lesson)


45 Minute Lesson - $50 or $45

Private Lesson = $50 using Credit Card or $45 using cash/check/Venmo

Group Lesson (Two students) = $50 using Credit Card or $22.50 for each student, using cash/check/Venmo


60 Minute Lesson - $65 or $60 

Private Lesson = $65 using Credit Card or $60 using cash/check/Venmo 

Group Lesson (Two students) = $65 using Credit Card or $30.00 for each student, using cash/check/Venmo


Venmo handle @Maria-SchererWilson

Checks made out to Maria Scherer Wilson


Sign up for Your Introductory Lesson