Earthtone Sound Healing for the Planet

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East West Bookshop, 6407 12TH Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Earthtone Sound Healing for the Planet is a unique sound bath experience for those wanting to deepen their connection to the Earth and to consciously send the planet gratitude as a community. Participants will have the opportunity to ride the waves of peaceful vibration, expand their breath, open their hearts and lift their consciousness with others of like mind.

The healing vibrations from Maria’s cello, crystal alchemy singing bowls and soul song allow for deep relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. As the brain waves slow down, the consciousness is encouraged to expand, and blockages from the physical, mental and energetic bodies to release. Sonic healing can relieve pain, lessen anxiety, reduce inflammation and create feelings of peace, calmness, love and joy.

For complete comfort, bring anything that will enhance your Sound Healing experience (yoga mat, blanket, pillow). Sessions begin seated for all participants. Please wear comfortable clothes and refrain from wearing fragrances.

Limited to 18 participants.


Cello Yoga & Crystal Alchemy w/Aubrey

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Limber Yoga, 7901 35TH Ave SW 2nd Floor, West Seattle, WA

The grounding sound of the cello and singing crystal bowls will allow each receiver to dive deeper into their breath and into their body. Aubrey will guide you through a gentle yoga practice to work out places that hold tension, tightness and old stories. Maria will play her cello and the singing bowls to hold a space that is healing and supportive in letting go. Come join Aubrey and Maria in an evening full of intention. This workshop will include an hour long yoga practice and a 50min sound healing session.

Limber Yoga studio can provide bolsters, blankets and some chairs. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook if you like. Some people like to use their own props during a seated meditation. Bring whatever you need for a relaxing Sound Bath experience (yoga mat, water, eye pillow). The workshop will conclude with time for integration and community.


Solstice Celebration: A liturgy for the Summer Solstice

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St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 99 Wells Ave S. , Renton, WA

St. Luke Church’s seasonal liturgies are celebrated on the solstices and equinoxes through the year. Through music and poetry, ritual and movement, we acknowledge the beauty of the natural world and the interweave of the seasons with our own spiritual lives. Free event