Philosophy of Teaching

In order to move toward Mastery of anything, we all must experience a combination of compatible teachers, willingness, curiosity, focus and dedication.  I work from the perspective of Whole body teaching. In order to truly understand, feel and execute music in a meaningful way, we must work from multiple aspects of the Self. 

The mind needs to be able to focus on the task at hand, know (discover) what it needs to do next, and to pay attention to what is really happening in the body at the same time. In addition to holding our body in a healthy way, we must learn how to hold the physical instrument in a comfortable way, and breathe fully, so that we can keep building our musical skills in an unrestricted, open way. By choosing to learn an instrument, we create a relationship with this instrument and take on a commitment to take care of something other than ourselves. In order to improve on our instrument, we must open our Heart and dedicate a part of our daily life to our Practices. 


Expressing the Self through music helps create Balance in our lives.  

We can Focus and create Direction in our Lives when we utilize the Power of Intention. 


As a teacher of Music and Life, I intend to work with whomever comes through my door in a way that works for them. I feel a personalized approach is necessary when we're seeking Guidance, working through Challenges, needing Support and seeking Mastery. I teach and play many styles of music, from classical to improvisation. I'm open to what you'd like to learn. 

The past 30+ years I've experienced so much Love, Joy and Connection through my teaching, performing and recording career, but I've also gone through many moments of physical complications, emotional strive and mental challenge within my cello and musical relationships. When those times came, I did my best to put my ego aside, and took time off (sometimes months) from playing to align, strengthen, and reevaluate my relationship with myself and with music. 

So, wherever you are within your physical skill-set and mastery of music, know that I am here to help you Realize what steps can be taken to balance the Play and Work within your Body-Mind-Heart connection, and to Facilitate improvement at a pace that Resonates with your Lifestyle and Goals.